Automatic Backup Auto Name

Acerose Password Vault
Free safe password manager.
Dexadine, Inc.
FileBack PC
Fast, easy, automated backup and synchronization utility.
Maximum Output Software
Auto Backup
Auto Backup Software is an easy-to-use program designed to automatically backup.
Han-soft software

Automatic Backup Auto Name

Everyday Auto Backup
It is a powerful program designed to backup files automatically.
LionMax Software
Winman's Saral Tax
Winman Saral Tax is a most user-friendly Income Tax computation software.
The tool to accomplish the task of making reliable backups of your vital data.
Hitek Software
Auto Outlook Express Backup
Experience ultimate data protection with Auto Outlook Express Backup.
Excel Backup File Auto Save Software
Automatically save all open MS Excel files to a separate backup file.
Automatic USB Backup
A software that can help you to backup your PC files.
Neitsoft, Inc.
This program makes backup copies of selected list of directories you specify.
Acute Software Backup
Add as many files and folders as you wish to backup.
MySQL Auto Backup Standard Edition
MySQL Auto Backup is a powerful Windows software to schedule backup and restore your remote/local My......
SwordSky Software
Live File Backup
Automatic backup software for continuous data protection in the background.
Infonautics GmbH

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Backup Plan Part I

...not have any backups of her picture ...I should have done a backup twice. Saved her...
Backup Plan Part II

Backup Plan Part II for automatic backup and restoring ...forget to backup the backup of a backup.

Automatic Backup Auto Name

AutoSave Essentials
A powerful application that will automatically make a backup of your documents.
Avanquest Software
Auto Start Backup
This utility can auto start your backup program so that you can run a daily backup each time you boo......
Take care of your data! Create backup copies automatically whenever you want!
Lokas Software
Auto BackUp Software
Automaticlly backup your critical data to a local disk, the Network or remote FTP servers.
Automatic Folder Backup Software
Periodically backup entire folders. Backups can occur every 5 minutes, 30 minute.
Attix5 Pro SE
Attix5 Pro Server Edition (SE) enables automatic backup of data.
PC Tools Simple Backup
Turn your external hard drive into an Automatic Backup Solution.
PC Tools
O&O AutoBackup
It backs up and synchronizes selected files with an external backup device.
O&O Software GmbH
Nero BackItUp
World's First Insurance for Your Data. For Everyone.
Nero AG
Right Backup
This program backs up your files and ensures you that the files are safe.
Systweak Software