Automatic Send Mail With

It allows you to send bulk e-mails to thousands of recipients very easily.
eDisplay srl
The Bat!
Email client with various security features.
Ritlabs, SRL
Autoroute SMTP
Designed for automatic switching between SMTP servers.
ElcomSoft Co. Ltd.

Automatic Send Mail with

Versatile program for send files by EMail on timer.
Mail Direct
Send mail directly to recipients, bypassing your ISP's SMTP server.
OCloud Software
febooti Command line email
Febooti Command line email is powerful but easy-to-use email sending utility.
febooti software
Easy Mass Mailer
Easy mass mailer. Best marketing tool for you. Fully integrated DNS and SMTP.
EasySoftMade Inc.
Mail Send
Newsletter and advertising - The regular guy's easy e-mail newsletter maker.
Advanced Bulk Mail Plus
Powerful bulk emailing program and it has a built in Mail server (SMTP...
Plugged Soft., M.ali
Utilize Gmail email account to send emails from almost any Windows application.
Chris Wood
DNS Send Mail
ธนวิชญ์ ศรี

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Automatic Send Mail with

Mokum Mail
E-mail checker, an HTML mailing program and a WEB Browser.
BLOKKER Software
Notification Mail
This program can send E-mail notification from a file without mail client.
KVT Software
send mail
Crazy Send Mail
The program will send mail at the rate of over 1, 000 e-mails per minute. It has the ability to auto......
ITooLabs Communicator
With ITooLabs Communicator you can easily make and receive calls, manage calls.
Rapid Email Sender
Intelligent software that can send personalized newsletter to any number of...
Advance Software Technology & Gaming Development
Ultrafunk Popcorn
Popcorn is a lightweight and portable e-mail client for Windows.
SignalCopyLocal Master
A solution for copying signals when Master and Slave are installed on same PC.
It allows you to send emails easily and quickly with your Gmail address.